To blog, or NOT to blog

I can’t believe I’m doing this… I’m starting a BLOG.  I have been planning on starting this blog for over a month now, but so it’s taken me a while to actually get started because traveling to visit family for Christmas totally threw me off.  To tell the truth I don’t even totally understand what a blog is or how they work (apparently people make money from them, but I literally have no idea how).

Christmas Vacation in Florida

On top of the time and travel obstacles I’ve been dealing with, I couldn’t decide what kind of blog I wanted to write.  I am interested in such a wide array of topics, but I don’t think I have enough on any one topic to devote an entire blog to it.  I already have ideas for posts: children and television/electronics, taking care of sugar gliders, self-esteem/body image, gun control, ethical farming, healthy food/cooking, DIY ideas and instructions, and even politics!

After finally deciding to write a blog and that it would just be a random stream of consciousness sort of blog, the next major decision was what my first post would be about.  I have thought about it for a few days and I literally sat here in front of the laptop for at least thirty minutes this morning and tried to decide what I should write about for the first post in my blog.  Should it be about something spiritual?  Funny?  Controversial?  DIY idea or instructions?  How much should I think it through?  Do I need to write and then edit or just be rough like a Facebook post?  Then I thought, “holy crap, I’ll never start this blog if I keep thinking about it”…  so I’ve decided to use THIS as my first post.  A narration of how I got to the blogosphere and how I started my blog, hope it isn’t terribly boring (you know, for all those reader out there waiting with baited breath for my blog post… or just the few imaginary fans I have decided to have in my head).

If my children will allow it, I may try to comment on a few videos or articles that I’ve read recently.   I keep having to remind myself that this is MY blog, there are ZERO requirements that I have to meet or guidelines that I have to follow.  I tend to plan so much that by the time I start whatever it is that I’ve been planning, I’m tired of doing it already.  The idea that comes to mind is “planning myself into chaos”, like I am SO focused on planning the budget (or the grocery lists, or the cleaning schedule) that I forget to try that recipe that I just pinned on Pinterest, call and make a doctor appointment, and don’t change out of my pajamas for two days.  I always mean well, I’m always trying to improve my life, but I don’t see the forest for the trees.  My mom just told me about a book that she thinks I should read, Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder… and I’m going to start reading it *cough, cough* as soon as I finish the three books I am already reading… and write a few posts for this blog… and finish organizing my closet… and clean out the garage… and catch up on my tv shows… :0)

Joyfully lost in my own little world,



  1. You are an inspiring beautiful soul! I’ve always seen the simplicity in plans, but choose to make them more stressful…for who knows why! I love you and love that your blogging about life. You have one heck of good one to share. Xoxo

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