Beauty in a Tree Change Doll


This started out as a Facebook post, but I think it belongs more on a blog than on Facebook… I’m excitable and tend to be wordy.


Sonia Singh takes dolls (like Bratz dolls) that she finds at thrift stores and turns them into these more natural looking dolls.  Here is a Time article, Sonia’s Tumblr page and the Tree Change Dolls Facebook page.

I’ve seen this video several times on Facebook, but today I actually listened to it and noticed a couple of things.  First, I love that Sonia started doing this as a way to recycle dolls that she found at secondhand stores, I’m not sure why exactly, but it wasn’t to make some sort of statement.  Second, that she involves her mom in this project!  Her mother makes ALL of the clothes for these dolls, apparently she is a knitting ninja.  Finally, I could listen to Sonia’s husband talk about her all day long; he seems to be genuinely in awe of how amazing she is, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, I’m not against make up, or dolls, or whatever, but I do think that we should be showing girls how beautiful they are without all that makeup and glamorous clothing.  The dolls are still pretty after the make under, but look like they would like doing something other than shopping and going to a salon.  Like I said, I like makeup!  And girls, I LOVE hairspray, but the other day I saw my seven year old niece feel self-conscious about how she looked in an outfit.  SEVEN YEARS OLD… it shouldn’t even cross her mind that she looks any way other than perfect.  My sister is a great role model when it comes to healthy eating and feeling good about yourself, so it’s not like she’s being told she looks bad, she has probably never heard anything other than that she is beautiful.  Try to imagine looking at the world as a little girl- imagine looking at the cartoons, dolls, actresses, singers, even your friend’s mom or older sisters.  What messages are we sending?  More importantly, what messages are these girls receiving?

Please don’t misunderstand, I ADORE jewelry, makeup, hairspray, and fancy clothes.  Plus, I have never met something covered in glitter that I didn’t want to have… but I think there needs to be a clear message to our little girls- and even to us grown women- YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, God made each one of us, “when I complain about me or about you, I am complaining about God’s handiwork.  I am saying that I know better than God,” from page 417 in the Big Book.  I’ve noticed that many times the women that I find the most attractive are the ones who are smiling!  A women in sweats, a messy bun and a smile is often more radiant than a perfectly made up, picture perfect one.

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Not a lick of make up on, but I think I look beautiful!  This was the first time I was able to hold both guys at the same time, they were still in SF… so they were maybe 5 or 6 days old?
S is probably 3 or 4 days old in this picture, and I am more beautiful here than I was on my wedding day.  I was so proud to be able to hold him, plus I was clean AND my hair was blow dried.

After my boys were born I read a lot of articles and blogs about self image and self esteem.  I had just had twins so my body was smooshy in a whole new way and I was trying to learn to be okay with it.  I read some truly breathtaking thoughts about motherhood and try to remind myself of them often.  One of the thoughts that had stuck with me is that I don’t EVER want my child (daughter or son) to think about themselves the way I think about myself, but they will learn how to look at themselves by watching me.  So I banned the words “fat” and “ugly” when used in reference to our bodies.  I don’t want my boys to judge women the way I judge myself, so I have to change my own thoughts.  It’s a constant struggle for me, I have trained myself to automatically think I’m not pretty enough or thin enough or smart enough or _________ enough, but Q thinks I’m sexy and beautiful… my boys think I’m beautiful… God knows I am beautiful, so who the heck am I to argue?  I may feel sorry for myself sometimes when I try on clothes (bathing suits specifically), but if I got my guys in exchange for some stretch marks and the need to go to the gym more often than I used to, then I’m positive that it was so incredibly worth it.

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