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This is one of those late night posts that I’ll look at tomorrow and wonder what on earth I was thinking, but oh well!

I cannot be the only one that finds herself singing songs from children’s programs… with the kids around while I’m doing the dishes or changing my clothes.  Suddenly I’ll realize (or Q will kindly point out to me) that I’m singing/humming a song.  Gone are the days when that song is a Led Zeplin, AC/DC, Dwight Yokam, Luke Bryant, Corey Smith or even an N’Sync song… today it is Jimmy Giggle.  Specifically the Pirate Owl song.

I have to admit that I actually enjoy this show and the songs WAY more than some of the alternatives that I have been begrudgingly exposed to.  I do not wish to have the songs etched into my brain.  You can watch the show yourself, it’s called Giggle and Hoot, a greatest hits kind of episode can be found on Netflix.  Just about everyone in the house can sing along with any song found in the show… same with Mater’s Tall Tales (also on Netflix).  We actually find ourselves having conversations about these shows.  For example, I noticed the other day that Giggle and Hoot only has one star on Netflix… this is what followed:

Me: Are you kidding me?  Only one star?  This is a travesty, the freaking Wiggles have more stars than Jimmy Giggle!

Dad: Did you rate it yet?

Me: Well no, not yet.

Dad: Maybe that’s why it only has one star- no one rates it.

Me: No, I think “they” only think weird artsy movies are worth any stars and overrule us.

I’m here to tell you that things could be WAY worse than Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the Owl, at least the music seems to be written by someone wanting to do more than just rhyme.

All that is left to say is “hoot-yar” my fellow Giggle fans. And don’t push the magic button, it NEVER works.

Blissfully lost in my own little world,



  1. Love your post. My song when the girls were little was the alphabet song Big Bird used to sing. I’m sure you’ve heard it. It’s the one Big Bird makes one word out of the entire alphabet and sings about it. “Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”.

    Today I like “Dinosaur Train”. I’ll have to take a look at Giggles.

    1. Yes I am familiar with Big Bird`s work, I myself was a Count fan (one-ah-ah-ah, two-ah-ah-ah…) as well as a Fozzy the Bear fan (wacca wacca wacca), but now I can Donnelly get down with Dinosaur Train, Thomas, and Handy Manny (or Handy Mandy like I always end up calling him). It’s so funny what we remember when we hear those familiar old voices and songs!

  2. I totally understand!! I don’t know of any current music/songs unless it involves something for the boys. Oddly enough to I don’t really miss it tho….

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