Sept 29 update

I’ll try to start where I left off a few weeks ago…


The doctor settled on Option A- three 3 week cycles. I have completed a full cycle already and start Cycle #2 this Monday (October 3rd). Chemo sucks, but not as bad as I expected! The meds make me really tired and make me feel like I am one bad smell away from throwing up, but the anti-nausea meds they give me during my actual infusion sessions plus the pills they send home are pretty amazing at keeping it under control. Naps also help!

Turns out I am allergic to one of the meds, bliomycin, or at least sensitive to it. I got a migraine (first one ever, yuck) and my entire body was itchy on Monday of Week 1, they literally main-lined benedryl and pepcid to combat the reaction. It worked! So I had no reaction to the bliomycin the next Monday (I only get bliomycin on Mondays).

Weird side effects so far? Itchiness and a migraine… and I have a weird rash on my abdomen that looks like I’ve been scratching like crazy, but it doesn’t itch. I’ve been much more tired than normal, but I am not in pain like I was before my surgery and that has been incredible! I also have some pretty wicked tinnitus, so far not too terrible just kind of annoying.

Now you are basically updated on my chemo meds and the plan the doctor has me on. I’ll post again soon!

As always- I have no idea what I am doing


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