Cancer Free and Potty Training

Apparently undergoing chemo, taking care of my twins and just trying to survive in general is not conducive to writing a blog.  I honestly do not know how these big time bloggers do it!  I love writing but it has been so difficult to string together a coherent thought worth blogging these last few months.  I have wanted to… but enough of the excuses!

I am cancer free!  I will have to go back for CT scans and bloodwork every 3 months, then every 6 months, then every years, etc. but I have been given the green light to do just about anything that I want to. My hair is slowly coming back, it looks pretty much the same as before except much shorter.  I have a wicked scar on my chest from my port, but that’s no big deal.  The only thing that is really bugging me is the fact that my weight is still totally out of control, IV steroids are not my friend.  I gained about 35 pounds between when I started chemo back in September and when I finished chemo in November and no matter what I do I cannot seem to start losing any of it.  I am trying to focus on the whole CANCER FREE thing, but it does still suck to not be able to wear any of my clothes.  I’ve been back at the gym since January (wow I missed it) but I haven’t lost an ounce… I feel stronger and more like myself so I am trying to stay positive.  It is not lost on me that this is a seriouslytiny problem compared to what I could be dealing with, but I just can’t help getting frustrated. I know that I am tremendously blessed to be cancer free, have a wonderful and supportive husband and two amazing little boys, enough money to provide everything we need and almost everything we want!

Update on the Bat Boys… we have begun potty training.  The boys will be three in less than a month (gulp) and we just started the process, but to be fair we were a little busy the last few months.  Bat Boy T likes to stand to pee and it is hilarious, Bat Boy S sits and is more excited about his Lighting ‘Queen underwear than anything else.  I’m not sure how long this is going to take, I have heard anywhere from a few days to a few months and I am praying for the former.  Either way, we are committed to this and pretty much covered in pee all the time!

As always… I have no idea what I am doing


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