Mother’s Intuition

        I have no idea what mother’s intuition is. I want it, and I think maybe I have it sometimes… but other times I have no idea what I am doing. I know that D needs to sleep and spend all day planning to let him cry himself to sleep, then bedtime rolls around. I fed him, rocked him to sleep and laid him down BUT he only stayed asleep for about 10 minutes. Now I am faced with a choice: stick with my plan or run in and grab my baby, love on him and rock him back to sleep. Literally every part of my body is screaming that D needs me to save him while my mind keeps whispering that he is fine and this is what he needs. Last night, my mind won. Tonight, my body won. I went in and picked my little boy up and rocked him back to sleep, then laid him back down and tried again. He cried and fussed for like 15 minutes then was asleep!

        Evidently mother’s intuition is having no idea what I am doing, choosing to do something and waiting to see whether it works! Maybe over the years you get better at choosing the right thing, maybe you just forget all the wrong choices. Either way, I think motherhood is going to give me a serious ulcer.

As always, I have no idea what I am doing


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