Informed opinions… say NO to internet fights

        As a southern woman, I was raised to be respectful and kind. To never be rude or, heaven forbid, make anyone feel uncomfortable. I was also raised to have my own opinions, but I think I was just born with the need to share them. I love learning about things and forming my own opinion about them, I also enjoy sharing them (thus the blog)… When I post my opinions about things I try to make sure that I wrap my mind around all sides of the issue and don’t say anything too inflammatory or ignorant. Basically, I like sharing my opinion, but don’t want to get into a fight with anyone. I have four year old twin boys and a seven month old, I literally fight all day long (and often into the night) pretty much every day of my life, I’m not looking to add to that. At the same time I try not be wishy-washy… it’s a difficult tight rope to walk.

        There are several things that I believe are simply black or white- things like pedophilia, rape, animal abuse, and anything that involves anyone taking advantage of someone who cannot protect themselves. The rest of the world is full of shades of grey. I don’t mind a good healthy debate! I actually sincerely enjoy them, but there are some things that are totally off limits. Like saying that the President’s son should be kidnapped and locked in a room full of child molestors; or that Melania Trump deserves to be raped. Seriously? I get not being a fan, or even being vehemently against everything that someone stands for but attacking their family? That’s just not okay.

        I try to have an open mind when I learn about things, but it’s hard to differentiate between truth and crap when you have no previous knowledge of the topic. Everyone obviously have automatic biases, unintentional as they may be, so you tend to believe the information that you hear that agrees with your biases. The problem I keep encountering is that I don’t really know where to find reliable information about anything! Am I reading propaganda? Is it correct information? Is it skewed one way or the other?

So here’s to figuring out what to believe, and where to get your information!

As always, I have no idea what I am doing!


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