I have had a lot on my heart lately and if it just had to do with me I wouldn’t think twice about sharing, but but since it involves others I have been struggling with what to write.  I settled on writing about my husband.

Quint and I have been together for 12 years and married for TEN years!   I saw him graduate from college, get commissioned in the Marine Corps.  We have lived in 6 houses, had 3 kids, dealt with 3 deployments (counting the one we are in the middle of right now). He is my best friend, I knew I loved him from our first date.  We have been through rough patches, getting married at 19 and 21 isn’t for the faint of heart, but that love has grown exponentially.  I have seen him hold my hand and be amazed and terrified through a C-section and a natural birth.  I have seen him hold all three of our boys as newborns and toddlers.  He has helped me basically function after both of my deliveries, unable to shower on my own or even stand up from the toilet on my own.  He got up with me EVERY SINGLE time that the twins needed to eat because I had to pump and couldn’t physically pump and feed both babies at one time.  Every three hours or so, for about four months.

He has held me while I cried, while we both cried, when I was diagnosed with cancer.  He drove me to almost every single chemotherapy session, then drove back home to take care of our two year old twins, then turned around to come pick me up.  I have listened to him sing, pray, laugh, fight, and whistle.  I watched him redirect our boys when they are going crazy in a way that I cannot even seem to fathom.  I have seem him rock our babies, throw them in the air, tickle them, dress them, feed them.  I have seen him play music as a way to worship our God and volunteer to work with the middle school boys at church.  I see him volunteering his time on the weekends at an orphanage, seeing children hold his hands, wear his sunglasses, just enjoy having someone who truly wants to be with them.

He is the smartest person I know (like crazy, wicked smart), kind of quiet and shy, but always thinking and paying attention (unless he’s playing a game on his cell phone).  He has two black belts, a college degree, a Master’s degree, he is an Eagle Scout.  He plays the drums and the guitar.  He is an artist and a poet.  He is a role model for me and our family.  He is a leader, a real one, he doesn’t expect anyone to do anything that he would’t do.  He is fair and honest and kind.  He is the only person that can calm me down when I’m upset.  He is always worried about being a good dad, a better dad than he was yesterday.  He is an absolutely incredible father, he builds our boys up in real ways, he teaches them everything that he can, makes them a part of everything he does.

Some of his favorite things in the world are these little things that we have given him: a keychain with the boy’s names on it, clay impressions of the twin’s feet and hands, a picture keychain.  That’s all he ever wants.  Never anything worth money, always family things.

He isn’t perfect and we fight plenty, I am not the easiest person to live with :0)  And we are SO SO different in so many ways.  I always tell him that his world is black and white and mine is purple.  But I would rather fight with him every single day and still lay down next to him at night, than be without him.  Missing him makes the hard stuff seem smaller and the differences fade away a lot.  I am grateful that he is my husband and my friend, the father of my children.  God has blessed me in such immeasurable ways.

I still have no idea what I am doing,


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