Hair Updates #1 and #2

FOR THE RECORD, these are old posts I just found and am finally posting. I am STILL currently cancer free!

I met with my hematologist (previously referred to as ‘chemo doctor’) and he was wonderful! Spent over an hour with us, answered all of our questions and made sure that we knew exactly what to expect. Basically there are two options for my chemo treatment-

Option A: Chemo Monday through Friday on week 1, Monday week 2 and Monday week 3

Three 3 week cycles

3 different chemo meds

Option B: Chemo Monday through Friday on week 1, then off for week 2 and week 3

Four 3 week cycles

2 different chemo meds

One of the drugs from Option A can cause lung damage, so I have to have a test to make sure that I have good lung function to start with. One of the drugs that is in both of the option can cause high frequency hearing loss (odd side effect).

The choice between Option A and Option B depends on the results of the lung function test, the CT scan, the results from blood tests (9 freaking vials at once!)

Leading up to chemo I have to get a port a cath placed, it’ll be in my chest… I don’t totally know how it will work or what it will look like, but we shall see.

On to the fun stuff!

Hair- MakeOver #1

Since I am going to be doing chemo, I decided to do some crazy stuff with my hair! Here is a peak at what I have done so far:

Phase 1: BLONDE

I think I look absolutely insane, but Q likes it! My hairdresser, Kat, did such a wonderful job (we accidentally matched our hair), but wow it is expensive to do this kind of thing to your hair… so I decided to get my mom to do my hair the crazy colors!

Between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of my hair, I had to go get a CT scan. It was actually relaxing! I got to lay down, put my feet up and then the really sweet CT scan tech covered me up with one of those warm blankets. Other than the fact that I had to drink a bunch of really gross, berry flavored stuff before the appointment and when the iodine was injected it makes you feel like you are peeing your pants (you aren’t but first your throat gets warm then your bladder gets warm… very odd feeling).


We used the kitchen as our beauty shop, the light in the kitchen always seems to be the best for anything like that, go figure. My dad joined me, but I can’t post pictures of that till I convince some certain family member that it is ok ;0)

This morning I definitely forgot that my hair was crazy and actually surprised myself when I looked in the mirror!

I think the next phase is a haircut of some kind… stay tuned!

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