Tiny bags of candy

        Never in my life did I think I would be sitting in my living room at eight o’clock in the evening filling little plastic baggies with pieces of candy from a big bag.  Seriously, never.  Yet, that’s what I just did for about 15 minutes.  We have taken artificial colors out of Tilton’s diet (which means, to make my life a little easier, it’s out of everyone’s diet) Red 40 is the main concern, but we are trying to avoid them all.

I was able to turn this:


Into this:


        Do you have any idea how many things contain Red 40?  M&M’s, Powerade, popsicles, lollipops, even MEDICINE!  The science isn’t all there behind artificial colors and behavior, but there is enough anecdotal evidence that I’ve read, heard from parents/teachers, and experienced myself that I was convinced to do this.  What could it possibly hurt to remove it (other than our wallet)?  Artificial colors do absolutely nothing for the product it is in except make it look pretty or make it stand out from other products around it.  No flavoring, no benefits of any kind.

        I’ve been avoiding Red 40 for about six or eight months, but since Halloween just passed it’s been on my brain a lot.  I had to go through all the candy and take out everything with artificial coloring, I was able to leave a lot since most chocolate candies don’t have any though.  I was not a prepared mom this year, I ordered candy after Halloween, but next year we will be good to go!  I now have lollipops, gummies, Swedish-like fish, M&M-ish candy and sour gummies that are all naturally colored.  There are some amazing options out there now, and there didn’t used to be!  The only issue is that they are NOT cheap.  That’s why I bought so much all at once and broke it down into little baggies.   I would like to point out that SweeTARTS has several candies that have ZERO artificial color in them: Soft & Chewy Ropes, Soft Bites Candy, Whipped & Tangy, Gummies, and Sour Gummies.  They use beet juice, turmeric, carrot juice, paprika, spirulina and other fruit and vegetable juices to color these candies and you can find them at gas stations and drug stores, no need to special order!  There is also a bag of M&M’s that offers colors from natural sources.  From what I understand, the brand Nestle is cutting out artificial colors in all of their products (they’ve been out of European versions of their candy for years).  A lot of large companies that produce candy, cereals, and drinks are starting to make the switch over to natural colors to satisfy consumers (YAY)!

         I try my hardest, but stuff still slips past me and I don’t go so far as to smack food out of their hands but I really try to read the labels of everything now!  Those artificial colors are sneaky and are in SO many things that you wouldn’t expect them, the fact that they’re in children’s ibuprofen and acetaminophen totally blows my mind.  Here is where I got some of the candy, I am an avid online shopper.  I LOVE Vitacost, they have free two-day shipping and there’s no membership fee.  They also always have coupons and promos, plus if you use eBates you’ll get 3% cash back and who doesn’t like that?

UNREAL Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems

Black Forest Sour Heads Candy

Black Forest Trick or Treat Mix

Yum Earth Lolli-Pops

Yum Earth Gummy Bears

Wholesome DelishFish

P.S. I have no idea if I did this right, I’m not trying to earn any money or points or likes or whatever people can do with their blogs, I just wanted to share where I can get fancy candy for not so fancy prices :0)  But I did use my referral code on the eBates link because it’s supposed to get you a promo code (I hope)

I still have no idea what I am doing…


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