Hair updates #3-#7

Hair: Phase #3

This super sweet lady at Great Clips cut my hair for almost free. Apparently they work with a group that does haircuts for people with cancer or other serious illness that effects their hair. I’m not sure what it is called but it made me feel really good about the company. These are not the clearest pictures, but you get the idea.

Hair: Phase #4

I decided to try shorter, this is kinda what I wanted but my hair was already too short in some places to get it done like this. So it ended up more like Ginnifer Goodwin (from Once Upon A Time) which isn’t bad, but this was not my favorite hair cut. I think I am cured from super short hair forever, well after I get it past there again.

Hair: Phase #5

I got VERY tired of the purple and blue, so we bleached my hair again and this is what happened! I was terrible and forgot to take any pictures (any GOOD pictures) of my actual hair during this phase. My Meela poses with me for one of them! The other is curtesy of low white blood cell counts.

Hair: Phase #6

My hair is officially coming out, majorly, and it actually kinda hurts. Ladies (or long-haired gentlemen) it feels like I’ve had my hair up in a ponytail for 2 days and just took it down. Sore scalp, apparently it’s pretty common, and the remedy is just buzzing the hair as short as you can. So I sat in my mom’s kitchen and she buzzed it- I didn’t go ALL the way, but my mom cut it down with the clippers to VERY short.

Hair: Phase #7

Phase #6 was just a little bit too long so it was still hurting when I tried to sleep. So I asked my mom to cut it shorter. Q says I look like Eminem… :0/ I’m thinking more Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries… or Sinead O’Connor… or a mix of the two.

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