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I really don’t know what the “point” of my blog is. I want to make y’all laugh and show y’all that life is INSANE and that’s ok! Embrace the crazy and make it joyful as often as you can. I am going to start trying to broaden my blog post topics though, not just anecdotes and opinion pieces… if y’all are reading my blog then I guess you are at least a little bit interested in me- what I like, how I live, etc. So I am going to try to write about things that interest me and things that I am passionate about, plus my everyday life.

Cruelty-free/ethical beauty products is something that I have been interested in for years, but for a long time your options were castile soap and homemade makeup since it was so difficult to find out which brands were ethically made. One of the trickiest parts is there are parent companies that own smaller companies who claim to be cruelty-free, but if the parent company tests on animals then the smaller company isn’t technically cruelty-free.

The first truly comprehensive list that I found was on Cruelty-Free Kitty, be sure to check this website out. The blogs are very informative and well-researched, plus there’s now a search bar where you can type in a brand name and find out whether it is cruelty-free or not. My Beauty Bunny is also informative, not just about makeup but hair, clothes, sustainable clothing, health, and much more. Ethical Elephant is another awesome place to get information about cruelty-free + vegan products! They have lists of cruelty-free products that are available at specific stores as well as a main list of cruelty-free and vegan products.

ethical elephant

I was thinking about giving y’all a list of my favorite products from some cruelty-free companies, but that seems a little intense… and long… and possibly excruciating (I’ll just put that here lol) So I am just going to share what I have in my makeup bag and on my bathroom counter right now… which could also be wildly boring but I’ll try to keep it entertaining.

I spend a normal amount of money on my skincare, haircare, and makeup products… I could be wrong, but I think most of the stuff I have here is reasonable. There are a few splurges, but I tried travel/trial size of most of the more expensive products before getting the big versions.

Let’s be honest, I don’t wear makeup every day but I do try to make myself presentable most days! I put stars next to the items that I only use when I’m getting gussied up… which is basically going to church, the doctor’s office, or a MOPs meeting.

Make Up Bag:

Bathroom Counter:

Do any of y’all have a favorite cruelty-free brand or product in particular? I would love to hear what you have tried and liked so I can give it a try as well. Also, if this was a terrible miscalculation of your interest in me please let me know so I don’t continue doing these sort of posts!!

As always, I have no idea what I am doing…


Full disclosure- if you click on some of the links in this post and buy a product I may earn a little money from the purchases, but it won’t ever cost you anything extra!

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  1. e.l.f. Cosmetics DID have a cream blush in a 4-color pack that I love! You will discover that, as you age, cream blushes work better on mature skin, so if you love them now, you’re ahead of the game!

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