Semper Gumby

We have to move. Welcome to the life of a Marine Corps family… semper gumby– always flexible. We will find out in a few weeks where the official orders will send us, we have our fingers crossed for the east coast! There are some other changes in the air that I will write more about later on!

This will be our sixth move since we got married ten years ago, things have changed a little bit every single time we have moved. We started with just adding dogs, then kids, then grown ups!

So young! That sweet, handsome face. I love him so much!!
  • Move #1: Georgia to Virginia- me and Q with Bear
  • Move #2: Virginia to North Carolina- me and Q with Bear and Grits
  • Move #3: North Carolina to California- me and Q with Bear, Grits and Desi
  • Move #4: California to Virginia- me, Q, Bat Boy S and Bat Boy T with Bear, Grits and Desi
  • Move #5: Virginia to another house in Virginia- me, Q, Bat Boy S, Bat Boy T, Bat Boy D, Nana Mama, Pop Pop, and Uncle KiKi with Bear, Grits, Desi, Linc, Monroe, and Doctor
  • Move #6: Virginia to ???- me, Q, Bat Boy S, Bat Boy T, Bat Boy D, Nana Mama, Pop Pop and Nannie with Bear, Grits, Desi, Linc, and Doctor.

God has always provided for us, we have always ended up right where we needed to be and He’s shown us His reasons in time at each of our homes. We have met amazing people, we have had amazing adventures, we have led wonderful and beautiful lives. But every time it is SCARY, especially since I was so young when we started this crazy ride.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.

Deuteronomy 31:6

This time I feel different, I am worried. I’ve never had to worry about schools and how the move will effect my babies. Yes, we’ve moved twice with the twins, but they were so little they really didn’t notice! What kind of school should I put the boys in? Private? Public? Bat Boy T has an IEP so he needs a speech therapist and some special considerations in the classroom. He loves school! He loves learning, but he gets so frustrated and needs help refocusing sometimes. That’s a tough thing to explain to a school! He’s got special needs… but then he’s doesn’t at the same time. I want to keep him at the same time school he’s at right now! His teacher is an angel! But I know that we will end up where we are supposed to, he will get the teacher he needs and he’ll be at the school that he needs to be at. It’s just so hard not to worry. I’m a bit of a planner (read: insane, OCD planner) so I don’t like all this not knowing… makes my tummy hurt!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7

We have to figure out how to fit five adults and three kids into a house, but not just fit. Q would like some separation between us and the grandparents and great-grandparent. Nana Mama and Pop Pop don’t want to just have a room, they need their own space too! This is a delicate balance, and it can be an EXPENSIVE balance to achieve. Throw the dogs into the mix and we are not the ideal candidate for renting a house. There’s just a butt-load of us! We are a herd… seriously.

This all of us, minus Pop Pop, Uncle KiKi and the dogs :0)

I know what I want to do, but Q and I don’t agree. He wants to have my parents live in the house we own in North Carolina (if that’s where we end up) and us live in a house in the neighborhood. But what if there’s nothing available to rent when we need to move? Then we will have had the current renters move out of our house so my parents and Nannie can move in and we will end up who knows where! He will be deployable at his next duty station, what if he deploys? Lots of people do it on their own, but I’ve had the blessing of having help and don’t think I want to go back to none! If we could guarantee a home would be available to rent when we need to move, then I could probably get on board with living down the street from my parents, but there’s literally NO way to guarantee that.

I want to sell the house we currently own, then buy a house and convert the garage into a two bedroom apartment with a full bathroom and a living area. Not cheap, but I think it would be totally worth is and I think it would be a huge selling point if we decide to rent or sell when we leave for our NEXT duty station (repeat: semper gumby). I believe that we wouldn’t be throwing money away like we are when we are renting a house, but it’s still a huge thing to buy a house! Especially when we haven’t sold the house we have already.

I’m hoping that I don’t make Q upset that I’m sharing this with everyone, but I can’t figure out what else to write about. It’s literally taking over my entire brain. I’d also like to mention that it’s hard for me to think about living without my parents since Q has been deployed for so long, so in my head it’s hard to imagine what it’s like with me and the kids WITH Q. Plus, I’m trying to figure in how I can help my parents with Nannie (not that she’s an invalid or anything, but she is another person I need to consider).

If any of y’all have ideas, I am ALL EARS (eyes?) and would love to hear from you. Or if you have your own military life challenges to share, I’d love to hear (see?) those too!

As always, maybe more than usual, I have no idea what I am doing


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