Marie Kondo Bandwagon

I think my favorite part about Marie Kondo is the fact that she doesn’t expect your home to be PERFECT or totally empty when you’re done. She expects you to keep what you love- what “sparks joy” when you hold it. The wya o look at it is this: she wants you to look at every single thing you own and really SEE it. It seems a little silly when she tells you to thank your clothes, but how about looking at it like BEING thankful for your clothes? When she thanks the house in the first episode, I almost cried! It was silly at first but when you really think about it you are thanking your home for protecting you while you make memories, for keeping your family warm and dry, for being the place that you are relieved to finally get to after traveling. Again, you don’t have to think of it as thanking your house, just BE thankful for it! It’s like when people say to choose happiness, or live consciously. Be aware of what you’ve got and be thankful for it! I see pictures of children in the orphanage that Q volunteers at and I am ashamed of myself for EVER feeling less than blessed beyond measure- with my family, homes, cars, clothes, food, toys, tv, electronics and basically everything we NEED and most of the stuff we WANT.

I may have let my hanging clothes pile up while Q was home for Christmas, so when I went through them all and found about 10 or 15 things that don’t “spark joy” for me. My next goal is my dresser. I have this weird thing about underwear fitting me and being comfortable. So I honestly have over 50 pairs of underwear! Different styles and sizes. I have underwear that hasn’t fit me since BEFORE I was pregnant with the twins… that means I haven’t worn them since the summer of 2013. It’s probably safe to throw them out. And that sexy underwear I got for my honeymoon? Let’s be honest, I won’t be putting that on anytime soon. Not because I don’t want to be sexy but because I would be anything but sexy in a g-string meant for me to wear about 90 pounds ago. The string bikini I wore in high school can probably join that pile as well… no matter how fine I look I can promise you that my children and a string bikini will not mix well.

I have no idea what I am doing (but I can probably do it with less stuff)


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