Pinworms= A Tickly Butt

If that title doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will!

A few weeks ago, one of the Bat Twins starts complaining about his bottom tickling and being itchy. I check it, because I’m a mom and we look spend about 40% of our time looking at butts or poop, but it’s not red or anything. I clean him up and put some butt-cream on him and that seems to satisfy him. The next night the tickling is worse, so he takes an epsom salt bath and we put butt-cream on him again. Now I’m starting to get a little curious/concerned because there doesn’t look like anything is wrong but he’s consistently saying the same thing.

Day three he wakes up and start FREAKING OUT. At this point we are definitely going to the doctor in the morning, but we have to make it through the night. Nannie says she bets it is pinworms. I look them up and the symptoms are exactly what Bat Boy is describing. Apparently the female worms come out at night and lay eggs on the outside of the anus and that is what is “tickling” the poor child. Nana Mama comes up and holds a flashlight for me and I inspect the area… and about have heart failure when I find a worm! Umm, eww, oh my gosh EWW. Poor kid is losing his ever loving mind and I have tried cortisone cream, diaper cream, neosporin, baths, EVERYTHING except vapor rub because I was afraid that will be a little spicy on his booty.

I take him to the doctor and they basically say, “yup, that’s pretty much what you’re describing”, but recommend the over the county de-wormer instead of the $300 prescription one (thank goodness). Nana Mama, Pop Pop and both Bat Twins got a dose of that stuff. Banana flavored…? I don’t know who thought that was the best choice, but it was the only flavor

The other BatTwin tells his brother to stay in his own bed because, “I do not want what brudder has”.

That night he had a hard night again, he is writhing around shrieking… he kept saying “somebody help me!”.  It was pitiful and hilarious because if I didn’t know better I would have guessed ax murderer, the Babadook, missing limbs… nay nay… it was his butt tickling.

He is all better, but I will keep him unnamed to save a little future embarrassment.

I have no idea what I am doing,



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