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I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to write here. I want to be able to tell you all these impressive credentials, or crazy skills I have picked up during my adventures in Europe and Africa. But in reality I am simply a Southern girl who fell in love young and started her life as a wife while she was starting her life as her. I’ve learned (and am still learning) how to love myself, my husband and my God. I screw it up and constantly have to re-learn how to turn my will and my life to God, I’ve been told I’m a control freak.

me and q glasses

I am loud, irreverent, loving and fierce. I am a proud Southerner with Irish roots. I am a Marine wife, I was blessed with preemie twin boys who taught me more about strength and courage than anyone else in the word. God made those boys perfect enough that they didn’t need to finish out their 9 months in my belly, they came at 29 weeks and 3 days… and grew into my favorite monsters in the world.

I was gifted with an amazing surprise- a beautiful post-chemo baby boy. He was a healthy 9 pounds and 15 ounces, no preemie this time! He loves his big brothers and spends all of his time chasing them around.

I can be calm in almost any situation, but I can also have hissy fits over the dumbest stuff. I wear contacts because I can’t keep glasses clean to save my life. I love my body and I hate my body, it’s a struggle that has defined me more than I care to admit. I rescue animals but I can eat a hamburger like nobody’s business. I love ALL animals, but I have a soft spot for Great Danes, especially special needs or seniors.

I have a Southern soul, but a gypsy heart and hippie streak a mile wide. My cowboy boots and jeans will forever be a staple in my wardrobe… even if I happen to like to wear them with tie-dyed shirts, feathers in my hair and enough jewelry to sink a ship. My favorite smells are leather, horse sweat and tack cleaner… or jasmine (the actual flower)… myrrh… or a clean baby head with that soft fuzz on it.

cowboy boots and dress
My wedding day- May 17, 2008

I love tattoos and monograms, sugar skulls and Celtic crosses, I love my Bible and my records. I love having enough food to feed people when they come over and I love when my house is full. I also like it when it’s quiet at night after the boys go to sleep and the dogs are scattered across the floor snoring. I can sit and stare at the ocean for hours, or I can work in my garden for hours pulling weeds and planting seeds. I love scary movies, crime novels, painting and writing… I do not love doing dishes, folding clothes or driving long distances. I also try to find something to love in everyone that I meet.

tired wedding

I hope that was down to earth enough for y’all and I hope that cleared up any questions you had about me ;0)

Still blissfully lost in my own little world,


PS- In case anyone is wondering about the meaning behind my blog logo and banner- the three circles represent my boys and were assigned before they were born to help with twin motherhood (blue for S, green for T, and orange for D). Purple is important me because it represents that I don’t see the world in black and white- I don’t even see shades of gray! I see purple and rainbow :0). The “B” could be my first or last name, or it could stand for me being the batcavemama. The teal line is a symbol for the ovarian cancer that changed my world.

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