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Q and I bought two Ergobaby carries when I was pregnant with the twins, BatBoyS and BatBoyT. They were about $200 at the time, and they was A LOT of money (still is, but remember, we had to buy two). Q and I talked about it and decided that we would get our money’s worth out of them… and we did. They SAVED us! I am not one of the super amazing moms that can carry one of the front and one on the back (maybe I could now that I have experience with baby wearing) but we each wore one of the boys all the time! Everywhere we went, the beach, a rodeo, for walks, to church… EVERYWHERE.

I had BatBoyS in a carseat and I wore BatBoyT (he was the smaller one at the time!) on the plane ride from California to Georgia when they were four months old. I don’t know how I could have survived without our Ergobaby carriers. We have the Original and I keep one in the van and one at home at ALL TIMES. I wouldn’t mind trying one of the new styles, but I’m very happy with what we have right now.

Melissa & Doug has an incredible variety of children’s toys, they even help you pick the right toy for the right age here. And a Find-A-Gift toolbar that allows you to select the budget you have and the age of the child you are shopping for!
The best part is the longevity of these toys! So many of them are totally wooden and they last FOREVER. You can also find these toys marked down on Zulily quite often (which always helps).
My kids LOVE the puzzles that they’ve gotten and the puzzles themselves survived twin boys so that’s pretty impressive. Other favorites are the wooden food and the sorting sets which both held up well (though a few did get lost…). BatBoyD LOVES his shape sorting dump truck

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I found this brand when looking for UV protection for my super fair-skinned babies and LOVE it! Since some of these are new products, I haven’t had a chance to try some of them, but I have several sizes and colors of their rash guards and their sun hats. They have expanded their products from just swim wear and I am so excited to try them out! Everything that they produce strives to be as safe and natural as possible, you can read more about their product safety here.

i play.® baby wear
-swim diapers
-bathing suits
-sun hats (these are awesome and kept BatBoyD from getting fried on his first trip to the beach)
-rash guards (these are the UV shirts that introduced me to i Play)
-footie pajamas
-winter outerwear
-rain jackets

i Play, Inc. has another brand called green sprouts that carries things like teethers, bottles, plates, toys, bibs, swaddlers, diapers and other baby accessories. Everything is BPA free and really reasonably priced.

On top of all the products that i play., Inc. offers, they have an entire section on their main website devoted to parenting resources! There are literally dozens of topics for first time parents, or even for a veteran parent who runs into something new.

Recycled Materials

This company’s product is really important to me! I discovered them when I was looking for something that the twins could you that wasn’t breakable, held up really well, and wasn’t regular old plastic. These plates, cups, spoons, forks and bowls are made from recycled milk jugs *HDPE and Polypropylene plastics) and are totally BPA and BPS free! We have NEVER thrown any of these away and have had some of them for over 3 years. We travel with them (yep, I’m that mom) and they help keep food from touching or rolling off the plate. The divided plates really help me portioning out the right amount of food and the bows are wide so they don’t get knocked over very easily. This product is also made in the USA so that’s something else awesome to support.

I’ve never liked clothes with logos on them, not even characters… my twins (and now my singleton) let me dress them in plain colors or designs, or in clothes with cute little animals on them, but after they got older the twins HAD to have Lightning McQueen, Cars, super hero, and Paw Patrol shirts. I still prefer generic non-character clothes for them, but we have some very recognizable faces on several of their shirts. is amazing for finding a bunch of different color onesies, footie pajamas, t-shirts, leggings, sweatpants, sweaters, dresses… literally EVERY SINGLE kind of clothing your child will need between the ages of newborn and twelve years old. The thing that caught my eye about this company was actually something called the undershorts- they’re little bike shorts for girls to wear under their skirts or dresses so they aren’t flashing panties all the time! They’re adorable and I love them… though we don’t need those in this house full of boys.